The Noah Short

I watched this 17-minute film around three days ago. It made an immense impact on my ideas about our current generation and our reliance on interacting via the internet. The film involves themes which are vital to our web-based lives. They may seem to develop via a simple story, but the main character is a representation of the modern teen, or even the modern person.

An official selection of the Toronto Film Festival, The Noah Short is a study of how destructive our “beloved” social media can truly be. The short film exposes how dangerous the internet has become, how it controls our social lives and our decision-making. Everyone can identify with the protagonist Noah as he traverses the multiple platforms which have infected society, brought us closer together, yet created divisions so vast we may never remember what it feels like to be the presence of others.

I was witnessing a piece of my own life unfolding right in front of me. It is easy to empathise with Noah – his pain and his solitude in the sprawling black hole of the internet is manufactured by actions so similar to my own. The devilish voyeurism which has been spawned by the advent of Facebook has gripped me, as it has millions of other poor souls.

As Noah brings about the destruction of his relationship, he becomes trapped in the void of the internet which literally waves its dick at him – a symbol of its negative influence on us all. As a blogger how can I begin to doubt the internet? But I can, we all can and we all should every day.


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